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The Saint Anthony of Padua Fighting Saints was brought in concept to Father Greg Skowron in January 2014 by our President Wayne Casey.  After months of planning by a devoted group of volunteers the inaugural season became a reality.  That first season was a great leap of faith as our Tackle, Flag and Cheer programs took flight and was considered a great success by the league officials, our parish, parents, coaches and kids.  We look forward to sharing this program with our community for years to come.



St. Anthony Fighting Saints Youth Athletics mission is to promote and serve, through youth sports, the mission of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. 

Led by our tenet of “Conatu Super Facultatem” which means “effort over ability” and inspired by the passionate faith of St. Anthony of Padua, we endeavor through great determination and hard work to press our physical limits, discipline our will and, by the genuine practice of our faith, spiritually nourish those around us. 

As leaders, coaches and parents we will encourage healthy and challenging competition, promote positive moral behavior and enable an environment by which a relationship with God can grow.

It is our promise to each other to give our maximum effort, on and off the field of play, and to always support and defend our fellow Fighting Saints.  Renewed by this brotherhood, we affirm to increase the noble values of character, integrity and honesty in each other, our families and our entire Catholic community.  

We hereby resolve to achieve this mission and uphold our solemn promise and in doing so we joyfully give all glory to God Almighty.  


St. Anthony Catholic Church

7659 Sauk Trail

Frankfort, IL 60423



Wayne Casey - President

Julie Cupp - Treasurer

Mark Fordon

Kim Pagliarulo