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VARSITY: Mark Fordon

  • Married to my wife Lori for 15 years. 3 boys – Mark is 14; Charlie is 11; Jake is 5. We have lived in Frankfort for 8 years and have been parishioners of St. Anthony Catholic Church for 8 years.
  • My son Mark played on the Varsity last year, our inaugural year of the program. Charlie played on the JV for our inaugural season.
  • I have been coaching youth sports (football, baseball and basketball) for over 12 years.
  • The Fighting Saints Varsity’s inaugural season was truly special. Our roster consisted of only 14 players and yet the boys racked up 6 wins in a row and made it to the semi-final game in the playoffs to end the season with 6 wins and 3 losses.
  • I believe that coaching the inaugural season of the Fighting Saints was something that I will never forget simply for the fact that more than half of our players had never played tackle football prior to this. My pure enjoyment of coaching is just that – watching a player grow and gain confidence in himself as he continues to work hard and enjoy what he is doing.
  • As the Fighting Saints program builds, my excitement will be to meet new families and have the ability to coach new young men and teach them the sport that I love. 



  • Wife Kathy and two kids.  Chris is playing for the JV and Carissa is entering into her second year of Cheerleading.
  • I gain a lot of personal satisfaction in watching the boys develop week by week as they gain more knowledge of the game and more confidence in themselves that they can play football.
  • Last season (which was our inaugural season) went remarkably well on all levels of the program.  The JV was able to make into the playoffs before being eliminated by St. Alexander’s
  • My involvement with the Fighting Saints program was very early on in the planning stages of this historic venture. All that I can simply say is how proud I was to see people selflessly come together for a common cause and continue to engrain our youth with the importance of Catholic values.
  • As for next year, my hope is that we are able to build upon the momentum that was established by those who came together in our inaugural season.   I cannot wait!



  • I have been married to my husband Chris for 11 years. We have 3 children: Christopher (9), Cora (7), Giana (4). My husband and I moved out to Frankfort from Chicago 12 years ago.
  • Sports were always an important part of my childhood and continue to be a focus as an adult. With a business to run and three children it is hard to find the time to participate. I fortunately have been able to plug in a few triathlons, 5ks and Tough Mudders just to see if I can still do it!
  • My son Christopher played on the Flag program for our inaugural season. To be honest, football was not a sport that I was encouraging my son to play. With his persistence and this particular program with our church, I agreed. I was so impressed with how this program was run, the coaches, parents and the players, that I joined the coaching staff in the middle of the season to help out.
  • This program is a perfect blend of an aggressive competitive sport with a focus on how to behave as on honorable player. The experience that my son and I had together last year with this program will remain as wonderful memories. I look forward to the next season and am extremely proud to be part of this program. 


Paul Dobrovits: information will be posted


Lyle Healy: information will be posted


FLAG FOOTBALL: Eddie Olszta, Paul Mendoza, Brett Binkowski,